What is an apple?
An apple is the little black dress of the culinary world; it goes with everything. Whether used in an appetizer, salad, soup, entrée or dessert, an apple is the epicenter of sweet, sour, acid and mouthfeel. Of course, it can also be a delicious beverage. Cider, for example…

What is cider?
Cider is fermented apple juice. All the flavor and joie de vivre nature can pack into a fruit, hosting a party for millions of super social yeast. Performed well, the result can be a delightful waypoint on a fruit’s millennia-old journey.

Historically, cider hasn’t attracted the same fanfare as its friends wine and beer. In fact, it’s largest jumps in popularity have had more to do with technological innovation (especially manufacturing and transportation) than with any real change to cider itself. It behooves a curious cider enthusiast to ask ‘why’. Apples are more versatile than most fruit, so why handcuff them to remain second-fiddle to other admittedly delicious beverages? As cider, apples can evolve. And it has such potential.

What is a valley?
A valley is where the characteristics of a region flow and collect; it’s a meeting place for what makes somewhere special. How this beauty manifests in what is grown and produced here is its terroir.

What is Valley Cider?
We’re a valley… literally. Our 27 acre farm includes fertile pastures, lush forests of maple, fir and cedar, converging hills filled with wonderful botanicals and berries, and wetlands of spring water flowing into creeks that run north and south simultaneously. Magical. Our region has historically been a prodigious agricultural community, including a long tradition of growing apples. You can see where I’m going with this…. It would be criminal not to make cider here. The opportunity wasn’t only to realize the terroir of this land through an orchard of heritage fruit but also the privilege to marry everything on it that speaks to cider.

Welcome to Valley Cider.