Bon-Dri (pronounced bOWn-drAHH) – Absolutely fully dry, zero sugar. Very light, delicate sparkle… almost more Prosecco than cider. A wonderful base for sangria, cocktails  and creating spritzers with a craft soda or fruit juice.

Wait What? – Off-dry, medium sparkle. Named for the experience of starting a cidery. Pairs wonderfully with watching clouds pass by.

Humulus Lupulus Hopped – Best in a glass so the hops fill the nose, followed by crisp off-dry cider. Two experiences in one delicious drink. Ideal when cooking with fire.

Cidrus Bittered – Infused with zest from grapefruit, lemon and orange so the natural oils create an exquisite citrus bittering. Perfect with spicy and aromatic foods where a drink needs to hold its own.

Love Potion – Rose petals, lavender and damiana fuse into flavors which are more than the sum of their parts. May be magical, and at the very least uniquely delicious.

Cider Noir – Blackberries, black cherries and black grapes blended with handcrafted cider to create a juicy mystery of which delight you taste first.

Winter – Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, vanilla and maple syrup introduced with  off-dry cider to produce a flavor experience that will earn its place on your palate.

Wildly-Dri – two wild-fermented ciders blended just right to provide heritage tannin, phenolics and flavors alongside a delightfully bright sparkle to toast any occasion.

Ginnish – select gin botanicals that work so wonderfully in cider to build a flavor profile evocative of gin, but definitely with its own uniquely irresistible charisma.

All ciders packaged in 330ml amber bottles, so you can joyously share and sample every one. Or small enough that you won’t feel bad telling your friends to go get their own.